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  Community Readiness Model Is your community ready to change? Coalitions in order to be successful in your intervention be sure your community is ready! Follow the Tri-Ethnic Center for Prevention Reseach at the Colorado State University. It is an easy to use handbook!


Community Readiness Handbook by Tri-Ethnic Center Prevention Research Colorado State U.

Readiness Manual (link at Colorado State U)

Dr. Linda Stanley

[email protected]

  Using Social Media with your coalition The Macomb Daily has a Media lab in Macomb County where they will teach your coalition how to use social to your advantage!
To make an appointment for instruction at our new media lab, email [email protected] or call (586) 783-0263.

Social Media 101

Sharing Community Events

  Permanent Prescription Disposal Sites in Macomb Law Enforcement agencies throughout Macomb County have permanent disposal boxes so residents can safely dispose of old and unwanted medications all year. List of Police Departments in Macomb County that have permanent disposal boxes available 24/7 365 days of the year. N/A
  Prescription Drug Abuse CADCA Resources/toolkit that provides facts, approaches, strategies and messages for coalitions to move communities from awareness to action

Prescription Drug Abuse CADCA resource

Michigan Automated Prescription System Drug Utilization Reports

  Opposing Medical Marijuana CADCA toolkit and White House web resources will give you the tools you need to push bask against "medical" marijuana and marijuana legalization initiatives. Medical Marijuana CADCA guide
White House has Web-based resources
  Quick Macomb County Resource Guide Clinton Counseling Center Jail Program community resource document includes: self-help groups, substance abuse agencies, health and mental health services, civic groups, domestic support groups Resource Guide from Clinton Couseling Center Jail Program

Sue DeMara


  Comprehensive Resource Guide

Youth Council's Right Connection

The Right Connection is a user-friendly reverse directory. Look up the problem and find the local agencies that deal with that issue. To update information on this document contact Madeline Habib at [email protected]
  Prescription Take Back Chippewa Valley Coalition for Youth and Families hosts this opportunity for the public to dispose of prescription medications that are unwanted, unused or expired.

PowerPoint: How To do a Take Back
Worksheet to Organize Event
Sample Mailer
Sample Safe Disposal Flyer (10-29-11)
Sample Take Back Survey

Dr. Charlene McGunn
[email protected]

  Cultural Competency This document focuses on three key factors: 1) working definition, 2) self-assessment tool, 3) what should be looked at to deter cultural isolation Transforming Cultural and Linguistic
Theory in Action - A Toolkit for Communities
  Do Your Part The "Do Your Part" video features five new public service announcements, highlighting individuals who share how they are doing their part to prevent underage drinking, and inviting other adults to "Do Your Part."
Do Your Part Segments (Parents, Coaches, Teachers, Law Enforcement, & Retailers) of the video are available for free distribution as 30 second Public Service Announcements (PSAs).
This video was produced through collaboration with Michigan Dept of Community Health BSAAS, the federal Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP) Underage Drinking Prevention Education Initiatives (UADPEI).
  Critical Issues of Youth Annual Drug Prevention Workshop Chippewa Valley Coalition for Youth and Families hosts this event in collaboration with their inter faith work group. Visit or email [email protected] to see the list of initiative for this coalition Dr. Charlene McGunn
[email protected]
  Underage Drinking PSAs PSAs on underage drinking directed at teens, parents, law enforcement, retailers and educators N/A
  Suicide Prevention Walk Chippewa Valley Coalition for Youth and Families hosts this yearly event in collaboration with Visit to see all other initiatives Dr. Charlene McGunn
[email protected]
  Challenge Day The Bay Haven Coalition uses the Challenge Day program which is designed for 100 students. It is created to build connection and empathy, and to fulfill our vision that every child lives in a world where they feel safe, loved, and celebrated. It is the spark that ignites a movement of compassion and positive change, known as the Be the Change movement

Jynil Schneider
[email protected]
586-752-9696  Ext. 210

  Tobacco Retailer Education Project

The Tobacco Retailers Education Project is one of several initiatives planned across the county by coalitions and prevention agencies. Efforts are focused on decreasing youth use of tobacco by educating students and adults parents, business, churches, and other parts of the community, on the social, emotional, educational, and legal consequences of teen tobacco use and the legal penalties for selling tobacco to youth.

Paddy Laske
[email protected]
586-541-0033 for south of Hall Rd coalitions

Joe Thayer
[email protected]
586-752-9696 x 211 for north of Hall Rd coalitions

  Environmental Strategies List of Environmental Strategies Fidelity Guidelines Excel Spreadsheets with 18 specific strategies N/A
  Recruit Volunteers This is a free web-site that assist your coalition in having volunteers register to help with events.

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Strengthen Community Partners

CADCA Toolkit



Community Toolbox (Kansas)

Providing practical, step-by-step guidance in community-building skills



Prevention Institute

A broad range of practical, easy-to-use tools that guide practitioners, advocates, and policymakers in planning



Ann Comiskey/Troy Coalition

Prevention Institute Basics for a successful coalition

Troy Coalition PowerPoint



SAMHSA’s Guide

Groups ad communities move from concerns to proven and practical solutions

Focus on Prevention



Cheryl Davenport/Troy Coalition

Elements of a successful coalition

Coalition Checklist



Cheryl Davenport/Troy Coalition

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Evaluation Tool




Prevention Works!

CADCA Training & Events



National Registry for Evidence Based Programs

Guide to locating EBP



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