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Community Action Parent Info Videos

CREATING SAFER, HEALTHIER NEIGHBORHOODS by Reducing Chronic Public Inebriation This case study shows the results of a grassroots effort to reduce public inebriation in the city of Tacoma. The goal was to reduce the effects of public consumption of alcohol that endanger the welfare, health, peace or safety of a neighborhood or community. Key components to success are discussed to help provide strategies that can lead to productive results. (2005, 16 mins) DVD
Selected Audience: Adults

This DVD is for parent only! The collection of video clips used are real and were collected from the web for the purpose of educating parents. Although all the clips in this video are available on the internet, this should not be viewed by minors. Some of the content is very disturbing. The Passage Group compiled this information to give parents the
Selected Audience: Parents and community leaders

Alcohol problems in the military are not unlike those in the general population. According to a 2002 survey by the Department of Defense, nearly half of all active-duty military personnel consume beer, wine or liquor in excess of what could be considered light or moderate drinking. Adverse consequences range from lost productivity, assault and domestic violence to problem drinking and alcoholism rates similar to that found in the general population. The goal of this case study was to create a responsible drinking culture at F.E. Warren Air Force Base. Challenges, approaches and strategies are discussed to help other the learner achieve dramatic outcomes. (2005, 16 mins) DVD
Selected Audience: ADULTS

This is a powerful movie that challenges viewers to recognize the many ways that our society allows and even encourages children to drink alcohol. Perhaps most importantly, it demonstrates the power of ordinary citizens to take meaningful action that will change the culture of drinking in their communities. Topics discussed include: alcohol and the brain, adult role modeling, advertising, binge drinking, community environments, violence, youth access, and people creating change. (2005, 16 mins) DVD
Selected Audience: ADULTS