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Basic Information Videos

Teen drug abuse isn't limited to illicit drugs. Many OTC (over-the-counter) drugs are misused by kids-from cold remedies to pain killers to diet pills. This program explores the most common abuses of OTC drugs and shows the chemical, biological and psychological damage that can result from abusing these ordinary drugs. Particular attention is paid to DXM, the powerful medication linked to recent deaths of young people across the country. DXM is a legal drug found in many OTCs, but it has the same qualities as drugs considered much more dangerous like heroin. The cold tablet form of this drug is the basis of a new and dangerous form of OTC drug abuse called skittling, which can also result in coma or even death. The dangers of this kind of abuse are brought home through the tragic story of Jennifer Darling, a high school student whose apparent experimentation with the drug was a cause in her own death. Students will also hear a no-nonsense message from a district attorney describing the severe legal consequences teens can receive if found driving or committing a crime while under the influence of these substances. The program also teaches viewers how to carefully read and understand OTC drug labels for active ingredients and potential overdose. (2004, 20 mins) Suggested Audience: Teens and Twenties
Selected Audience: Teens & Twenties

Jerry Moe and other panelist address the family issues that surround drug-addiction of parents or guardians. This will examine intergenerational vulnerability and the risks involved for alcohol and other substance use disorders by the sons and daughters of addiction-prone homes. Family patterns, denial, and the elements for reaching recovery will be discussed as well as current trends in family interventions and programs. (2006, 60 min) DVD
Selected Audience: FAMILY

The Supplementary Series from HBO What is Addiction? Understanding Relapse The Search for Treatment The adolescent addict Interviews with NIDA director, researchers, school of medicine Getting Addict into Treatment Treating Stimulant Addiction Opiate Addiction Drug Court A Mother's Desperation
Selected Audience:

The Supplementary Series from HBO What is Addiction? Understanding Relapse The Search for Treatment The adolescent addict Interviews with NIDA director, researchers, school of medicine Getting Addict into Treatment Treating Stimulant Addiction Opiate Addiction Drug Court A Mother's Desperation
Selected Audience:

The purpose of this DVD is to help families understand the impact alcohol and other drug abuse has on family functioning and parenting. The five-part interactive video includes: Babies and Booze Don't Mix: Preventing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Doing It Right: Modeling Appropriate Adult Drinking Behaviors Uppers, Downers and Stress: The Abuse of Prescriptive Drugs A Child's Point of View: A Child's Perception of an Adult Cocktail Party Par-dee! Par-dee! Par-dee! (2005, 49 mins) Suggested Audience: Teens and Parent
Selected Audience: Parents and Children

Alcohol & Sex: Prescription for Peer Decision-Making
Sexually transmitted infection rates have risen among students. Alcohol consumption is a likely contributor. Sober decisions can help reduce, unwanted pregnancy, sexual assault, rape, STI, and even death.
Selected Audience:

Interviews and cautionary tale. Narrator identifies signs typical of problem drinker both physical and social.
Selected Audience:

Alcohol is the most widely available and most abused drug in the world today. This point is driven home in this video and print package in a way that middle school and junior high students will understand and remember. Students see the short-term and long-term harmful effects alcohol causes on the body as well as the intoxicating effects on the mind. Using interviews and narration by peers, the video exposes ways that alcohol use interferes with health, education and personal lives. The ravages of alcoholism and the struggles of families living with alcoholics are presented. Binge drinking is singled out as a very dangerous and potentially lethal activity that young people must avoid at all costs.
Selected Audience:

Alcohol, Anger and Abuse: Understanding the Relationship Between Child Abuse and Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse This five part DVD series helps families make connections between alcohol and abuse issues. (2005, 44 mins) Part 1 - The Relationship Between Alcohol, Anger and Abuse Part 2- Child Abuse and Alcohol Abuse Part 3 - The Sexual Abuse of Children Part 4 - Family Violence, and Alcohol Abuse Part 5 - Drinking and Emotional Abuse
Selected Audience: PARENTS

These five interactive DVDs, featuring multi-cultural families teach parents alternatives to hitting children and what they can do instead to get the cooperation and behaviors they desire. They are designed for the Nurturing Parenting Programs® but can be used with any parenting program that promotes non-violent parenting practices. These DVDs are meant to encourage families and communities to develop nurturing attitudes and parenting practices by providing positive, non-violent discipline for parents to use with their children. Titles include: Red, White and Bruises 15 min I'm Only Doing This for Your Own Good 40 min This Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You 45 min My Way or the Highway 16 min Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child 15 min (2005)
Selected Audience: PARENTS

An expectant mom and her girlfriends celebrate away from the children. The celebration leads to drinking margaritas and a discussion about the dangers of drinking alcohol, birth defects, and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). (2005, 13 mins) DVD
Selected Audience: Adolescents and Adults

Spring break-the victimless crime? Police, students and hospitals are highlighted. The topics discussed are drinking and driving and binge drinking. (1998, 28 mins) DVD Suggested Audience: 10th grade to college
Selected Audience: 10TH TO COLLEGE

This video takes teens on a tour of several labs across the country including one at the University of California at San Diego where doctors are researching the effects of alcohol abuse in teenage brains. The show's young host has a scan performed on her own brain, and then has the chance to see how it compares with the brains of other teens who drink alcohol regularly. The ground-breaking studies highlighted in the video dramatically connect long-term brain damage to underage drinking. Your students will see first-hand how alcohol affects teens as young as fourteen and fifteen years old. They will also learn why alcohol seems to harm younger brains more profoundly than older ones both in short term and long term, impairing memory, coordination and motivation and causing addiction. Video delivers a strong caution to teens considering any use of alcohol. Includes Pre- and Post-Tests (2002, 23 Min) DVD
Selected Audience: GRADES 7 - COLLEGE

GETTING READY TO TEST: A Review/Preparation Manual for the Written Prevention Sp
This manual is to provide the Prevention Specialist with guidance for the IC&RC written examination process. It provides review materials that will assist you in your preparation. By providing you with background information on examination development, review materials, and sample questions, your preparation for the Internal Examination for Prevention specialist can be enhanced.
Selected Audience: Prevention Specialists

Unsupervised and illegal keg parties where beer runs like water are becoming an increasing problem as well as a growing health risk for today
Selected Audience: GRADES 7 - COLLEGE

For more than 30 years, methadone has been used to treat heroin addiction. But when mixed with other substances, such as benzodiazopenes, the treatment can be as harmful as the heroin itself. METHADONIA exposes the possible problems of treating heroin addiction with legal methadone. (2005, 88 Mins) DVD
Selected Audience: Treatment Professionals

METHAMPHETAMINE: Neurochemistry & Recovery
This powerful video, Methamphetamine: Neurochemistry & Recovery DVD examines the ways Methamphetamine changes the brain both chemically and structurally and how these changes interfere with the recovery process. Animations are used to show what happens to a users brain when Methamphetamine is introduced, and actual brain scans illustrate what happens as the users comes off of the drug. The video includes sections on basic neurochemistry, factors that inhibit recovery, physiological changes that occur in the brain from Methamphetamine use, including the loss of brain mass, the loss of memory, and an inability to concentrate. (2006, 31 mins) DVD
Selected Audience: Professionals, counselors, recovering people

This DVD reviews the background and current directions of motivational interviewing, exploring its essential theoretical and conceptual underpinnings, and discussing its five basic principles. This is by no means a comprehensive introduction to set the context for demonstration of

MUTUAL SUPPORT GROUPS: What Everyone Needs to Know
This program explores the role of mutual support groups (AA, Al-Anon, NA, NarAnon, etc.) and helps you discern whether one might be right for you or someone you care about. You also will learn what makes mutual support groups work and how to find one near you. (2004, 60 min.) DVD
Selected Audience: Employers/Educators/Treatment Centers/Health Care providers

Public Service Announcements from ONDCP 2008
Fifteen and thirty second
Selected Audience: STUDENTS & PARENTS

This DVD program dispels the many myths of marijuana use and brings teens and young adults into the realities of their present world. Factual information is given for the chemical compound makeup of marijuana, and current research expains the brains reaction to THC. (2000, min.) DVD
Selected Audience: Middle School Students

This program examines recent scientific and methodological advances in addiction treatment and explores how these advances have improved and diversified addiction treatment services. (2005, 60 min.) DVD
Selected Audience: Treatment centers/Therapists

Recovering Meth addicts tell stories about paranoid delusions and other horrific meth experiences. Dr. Jorge Martinez explains the drug qualities and the dangers of how the brain absorbs this drug so efficiently that it changes the brain every time it is used. The physical appearance of sores and facial burns of the drug addict are explained. The DVD concludes by showing footage of interviews with convicted felons who committed crimes while under the influence of meth to make the consequences clear to students. (2002, 26 mins)
Selected Audience: ADOLESCENTS