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Drinking and Driving Videos

Binge Drinking Blowout
Real-life students testify to the heavy price they paid in the form of blackouts, violence, date rape encounters and alcohol poisoning. DVD points out that young people often fail to recognize the dangers of binge drinking because of a feeling of invincibility. Describes how excessive amounts of alcohol can render the brain unconscious or precipitate endless vomiting. (1998, 28 mins) DVD Suggested Audience: 7 to 12th grade
Selected Audience: 7 to 12th grade

Spring break-the victimless crime? Police, students and hospitals are highlighted. The topics discussed are drinking and driving and binge drinking. (1998, 28 mins) DVD Suggested Audience: 10th grade to college
Selected Audience: 10TH TO COLLEGE

This is a story about a man who killed his two best friends in a drunk driving car crash when he was a teenager. (2003, 26 mins) DVD Suggested Audience: 7th grade and older
Selected Audience: 7TH TO ADULT

Persons who drive under the influence of alcohol and other drugs are not being responsible This video shows how quickly and permanently lives are shattered. (1998, 30 mins) DVD Suggested Audience: 8th to 12th grades
Selected Audience: 8TH TO COLLEGE

This DVD will make viewers think twice before getting behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Through first-person stories of lives destroyed by drinking and driving, viewers are made aware that driving under the influence can cause irreparable tragedy. The program includes hard facts and interviews with police, doctors, and prevention activists about the dire consequences of drinking and driving. Young people tell viewers why they have decided that drinking is not for them, ways to say no to alcohol and what to do if someone is about to drive under the influence. (2004, 20 min.) DVD
Selected Audience: Middle School Students

Intoxicated teen drivers are responsible for 18% of motor vehicle deaths each year. Alcohol abuse is a major factor, but teen drivers' abuse of over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs and marijuana is rising at an alarming rate. (2009, 25 mins) DVD Suggested Audience: 9th grade through College
Selected Audience: 9TH TO COLLEGE

Too Much: Extreme Danger of Binge Drinking
This DVD offers spring break alternatives which are alcohol-free. It discusses tragic consequences of binge drinking, brain research, and sexually assault. (2006. 26 mins) DVD Suggested Audience: 7th grade to College level
Selected Audience: 7th grade to College level