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B Videos

An expectant mom and her girlfriends celebrate away from the children. The celebration leads to drinking margaritas and a discussion about the dangers of drinking alcohol, birth defects, and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). (2005, 13 mins) DVD
Selected Audience: Adolescents and Adults

The dangers of taking steroids is the focus of this revealing drama of an aspiring high school football player. Benny, it seems, is going nowhere fast on his current training program. Football is his life, and he wants it to continue into the pros. To him, steroids are the only means to get the recognition required to fulfill his dreams. He gets bigger and better, but the negative side effects of the drug outweigh the good, and his dream ends up shattered. (1988, 25 Min.) Selected Audience: Junior/High school students
Selected Audience: Junior/High School students

Binge Drinking Blowout
Real-life students testify to the heavy price they paid in the form of blackouts, violence, date rape encounters and alcohol poisoning. DVD points out that young people often fail to recognize the dangers of binge drinking because of a feeling of invincibility. Describes how excessive amounts of alcohol can render the brain unconscious or precipitate endless vomiting. (1998, 28 mins) DVD Suggested Audience: 7 to 12th grade
Selected Audience: 7 to 12th grade

Spring break-the victimless crime? Police, students and hospitals are highlighted. The topics discussed are drinking and driving and binge drinking. (1998, 28 mins) DVD Suggested Audience: 10th grade to college
Selected Audience: 10TH TO COLLEGE

This video takes teens on a tour of several labs across the country including one at the University of California at San Diego where doctors are researching the effects of alcohol abuse in teenage brains. The show's young host has a scan performed on her own brain, and then has the chance to see how it compares with the brains of other teens who drink alcohol regularly. The ground-breaking studies highlighted in the video dramatically connect long-term brain damage to underage drinking. Your students will see first-hand how alcohol affects teens as young as fourteen and fifteen years old. They will also learn why alcohol seems to harm younger brains more profoundly than older ones both in short term and long term, impairing memory, coordination and motivation and causing addiction. Video delivers a strong caution to teens considering any use of alcohol. Includes Pre- and Post-Tests (2002, 23 Min) DVD
Selected Audience: GRADES 7 - COLLEGE

Brandon Silveria tells his story of the terrible price he has paid for a stupid choice he made when he was seventeen. Brandon had a few drinks at party, managed to drive his friends home, then wrapped his car around a tree. He spent two and a half months in a coma, and several more years in rehabilitation. His speech is slurred, his walk is unsteady, his memory is permanently impaired. Most of all, you'll see how many lives can be changed forever by one irresponsible decision. (2004, 28 Min.)
Selected Audience: Teens