Substance Abuse

Project Remedy: Mobilizing Macomb to reduce drinking & driving and
underage drinking

Cultural Competence Training (August 28, 2008) by Kathleen Zimmerman-Oster Ph.D.

Cultural Competence: A Macomb Ethnographic Profile (June 8, 2009) by the Piast Institute


PowerPoint Presentation
Part 1 (History of Macomb)
Part 2 (Profiles of Key Populations)
Part 3 (Key Groups)

A Dose of Knowledge: Prescription Drug & Opiate Abuse by Youth (Sept 16, 2010)


Facts about Prescription Drug Abuse
Trends in Prescription Drug Abuse
Commonly Prescribed Medications: Use and Consequences
DEA Briefs & Background, Drugs and Drug Abuse State Factsheet

PowerPoint Presentations
Assessing the Burden of Illicit Drugs (Harolyn Tarr)
Health Care and Pharmacy Education (Jim Middleton, Pharm.D.)
Community Panel by Lt. Rouhib Jr. Fraser Police Dept
Community Panel by Dr. McGunn from Chippewa Valley Coalition for Youth & Families